Gradiel, a rising promise for latin music

Gradiel is without a doubt a diamond for the music industry and he is getting the shape edged to perfection with each song he releases! ”Mi Manera” his third single that will be releasing soon will be without a doubt another latin hit.

”Placeres” his second single has been a huge success due to his warm and sensual voice, singing in the most affecting and resonant way. His sound compels the listener to dance and move to the tempo of his lyrics. One thing that sets Gradiel apart for us is precisely this, the respect and beauty of his lyrics. Striving away from the viral and obscene ”reggaeton” that only focus on sexual behaviours, Gradiel, gives us a more elevated and improved latin genre.

His wild ambition and passion is giving him fruits as only on release day the song was already being played by thousands as well as added to hundreds of playlists around the world.

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