Scandalous is a song to vibe with!

We recently heard Terrence Rashad and his new song Scandalous (as well as his whole catalogue) and we’re adding it to all our playlists because it’s such a vibe!!

First, listen to the song while you read this!

But who is Terrence Rashad?

Fusing softly soothing R&B melodies with infectious hip-hop rhythms, Terrence Rashad is an emerging recording artist currently making his mark on the global music game. His style is distinctly classic with a modern edge, taking all the best parts of his favorite artists like Michael Jackson, Jagged Edge, Tank, Boy 2 Men, Usher, Chris Brown and and mixing it into wholesome, feel-good anthems.

To date he’s put out five singles which have seen him grow a steady following in the thousands worldwide. His latest release “Scandalous” acts as the perfect heartbreak anthem for anybody going through the trials and tribulations of love. Terrence currently has his debut EP in the works which will be dropped soon. He’s entirely independent, working out of the Motown mecca of Detroit, MI in the US — a city known for producing quality artists such as Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin and Steve wonder. He loves being independent, noting that it allows him to have complete creative control over his projects.

The young artist has been involved with music from a very young age. At just six years old he would sing old songs with his grandmother, his family realizing early on the gift he had for singing. He played multiple instruments throughout his school years, eventually going on to attend the Detroit School of Performing Arts. During his studies he learnt how to produce, record and sing— soon finding his own unique voice as an artist. His style is an innovative blend of classic R&B and modern hip-hop. A dazzlingly unique sound that results in songs that are timeless and surpass generational boundaries.

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