Fruta Brutal reaches the soul

OH MY GOD I LOVE IT! That was the reaction of our director when ”Jardines de las Delicias” started playing at the office.

Fruta Brutal not only has an incredible unique sound designed with perfect craft, he has an incredible message, soul, passion and combination on each of his songs. The first seconds of the song were moving us into a masterpiece that keeps evolving to perfection! Why are we describing it? Listen to it while you read this article!

But who is ”Fruta Brutal?”

Fruta Brutal offers an eclectic repertoire of English, Spanish, and Spanglish compositions. The band’s message culminates in the effort to combat racial inequality and injustice. As an Ecuadorian who immigrated to the U.S., Martin Better Longo (Fruta Brutal’s front man) feels a duty to create music with the intention of enabling intersections between listeners that wouldn’t otherwise be part of the same audience: English and Spanish speakers, as well as bilingual people who come together to celebrate being part of the same society through engaging in the artistic realm. Jardines de las Delicias – Gardens of Earthly Delights (inspired by El Bosco’s famous painting) is a song in Spanish that expresses the possibility of finding one’s center in the balance between urban life and nature. 
Fruta Brutal emerged after an extensive backpacking trip through 6 South American countries, starting in Argentina and ending in Ecuador. Throughout the trip Martín came in contact with various styles of Latin-American music, and the history of how these styles have developed and modernized. The musical movements from the 80s that formed as a response to authoritarian military dictatorships, played a key role in the aesthetic development of Latin-American cultures. Martín was primarily moved by the Tropicália movement from Brazil. Through the use of musical synthesis, combining afro Brazilian and Latin-American rhythms with stylistic arrangements of European and North American musicians of the time, the Tropicalistas created music that resisted the authoritarian regime, while being relevant in the aesthetic landscape of Brazilian and International culture. Artistic movements, like Tropicália, which are born and ripen during turbulent and brutal times of oppression, are what inspired the name Fruta Brutal. Fruta Brutal’s music is created with the desire to be part of, and support, the ripening of cultural fruits that move us forward during times of backward brutality.
Fruta Brutal has performed at Tipitina’s – New Orleans iconic venue, Boulder Colorado’s iconic Fox Theatre, and opened for the nationally acclaimed U.S. band; Making Movies, for their Immigrants are Beautiful tour. The band will be releasing new singles with modern synth pop inflections in September. Fruta Brutal listeners can expect a reperoire of Latin American rhythms and Spanish lyrics, but also alternative pop rock in English; a repertoire created to break down walls and barriers.

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