Suzic is back and we love her new song!

”I Love You Babe” is her new Dance-Pop single and we’re thrilled to talk about it with you!

When it comes to songwriting and singing we can always expect a higher level thanks to her skills and this new song is of course at the top of her game.

We admire the way her melodies are different and unique, there is consistency, changes of rhythms, it’s unexpected how they are written and that encourages the listener to keep going with the song.

The details Suzic adds in her music are so relevant in her catalogue, there is way more to just creating a hit, the feeling of sharing, togetherness and the way she moves us along the ride like a soft and gentle touch is a mesmerising experience for new and old fans.

Not only she has captured people around the entire planet, she has kept that unique combination between pop and dance music flowing, she innovates and takes a risk with her sound and that plays It well for her.

You can show some love and support to Suzic via social media as well as via Spotify and Youtube~

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