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Our Music Marketing Academy is here and it has all the valuable tools to get your music to the top giving you what few people offer this days, music marketing lessons.

What do you learn in this course? Basically everything, from how to get your Facebook page to 10.000 followers in a couple of weeks to how you can get your music videos on VEVO, get your first 100k plays, get into Spotify Playlist, and how to market your songs to remain being heard daily.

Having a fandom is the most important for an artist, specially if you want to succeed and get bigger opportunities.

This course has 2 Types of Access:

Full Algorithm Agency MM Course Access: 300US$

Gives you access to all our website: Web Design Course, Instagram and LightRoom editing Course, Video-Editing Course, Marketing E-books, Twitter and Facebook Course apart from the whole Music Marketing Course.

Only Music Marketing Course Access: 50US$

This is for those who only need to learn Music Marketing.

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