B2B Services

We found a huge demand for proper marketing towards Business, with them having to hire a whole team of people in order to get basic requirements that are necessary for companies nowadays.

After auditing multiple Marketing Agencies working for our clients and noticing how they were barely getting results, we decided to cover all those needs without having to hire more team members, offering packages that can reach bigger results with the confidence of having a person from our team guiding the whole Department along with the strategy.

We know as well that one strategy might not work as intended, this is why having a professional caring about your company and optimizing daily each step will always be the best way to use your budget.

Our B2B services include:

  • Consulting / Coaching / Team Leading
  • Adaptive and Disruptive Marketing Strategies
  • Graphic Design / Illustration / Video-Editing / Brand Image Design
  • Market Analysis / A-B Testing / Auditing / Opportunities Research
  • Article Writing / Blogging / Articles for web
  • Social Media Posting / RRSS Development / Brand Establishment
  • Growth Hacking / Lead Algorithms /
  • Twitter Ads / Google Ads / Facebook Ads / Others
  • Marketing Team Recruiting / Training for Employees
  • SEO & SEM / Review Enhancement
  • Ads Weekly Optimization / Monthly Report / Analytics

Why does our model work?

Sometimes the business we work with are unconventional and we love a challenge, we become a part of your business, our connections are yours to use, our experience is yours to use. As Digital Marketing is widening and bigger bets are placed on ads, we observe daily how businesses don’t grow no matter their investment.

Thanks to creating unique strategies that adapt to each situation with our vast array of tools and expertise we are able to find new ways to disrupt the market and make each business stand out from the competition, supplying your company with a Head of Marketing.

Being part of The Algorithm Agency’s family only has benefits for you. We know that investing in your music marketing and consulting might be pricy at first, as we want you to grow faster and have the best strategy possible we created the ”Join the Family” program.

The only thing required from you is to share your experience learning and working with us during your journey with other artists! If any of those artists comes from your recommendation, we will give you 10% of their purchases FOREVER!

That means, that everything that your recommended friend gets from us (example, 100$ on consulting) you will be given 10$ to use in any way you want. We can send it to you via PayPal or use it for any marketing option we’ll have available.

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