Hallowed Smoke and his new single “Blind Faith” are a game-changer

Hallowed Smoke and his new single “Blind Faith” are a game-changer for the music industry and all the independent artists out there who keep improving and growing daily.

His craft is exquisite, the level of finesse on this song and the concept “Blind Faith” has is heartwarming and breath-taking at the same time.

If there was a way to jump into a bigger market and set himself on a great position, that’s clearly with this type of song. The single had such an impact on us that reviewing him was almost mandatory for our team!

As his press kit says:

Hallowed Smoke’s debut single, “Blind Faith” strikes a chord radiating serenity and stands as a symbolism of authenticity for what is yet to come. JP wrote the song in the height of pandemic lockdown as he grew more and more restless to be close with people again. He watched an interview with Paul Williams, co-writer of “Rainbow Connection” from the original Muppets Movie. Williams spoke of how he wrote the song about reconnecting with the magic and wonder in a cynical world. This inspired JP to pick up a guitar and flesh out his version of a gospel song, disconnected from religion but equally looking up to the force that keeps us all moving forward when we fall down.

His music is and the messages he transmits to the listener are empowering, full of truth and a blessing to our ears!

Apart from the great sound he offers, we have a lot to say about this hit.

First, his voice here is wonderful, to say the least, his pitch and tone are so comfortable to listen to, feeling warm and familiar. Ahead of that, we love how much work there is into creating this single, he is proving that you only need your inspiration and bit of imagination to create something interesting that engages with the audience properly.

The verses are genius, it moves as a crescendo, going small at first but adding small elements along with the composition. The tempo of the song offers a different type of result, making him one of our favourite artists. We simply kept listening without even thinking about it.

The song is spotless, feels quite easy to engage with and the whole arrangement of the single is perfectly crafted from 0 to a professional final product that we hope thousands of people relate to as we did.

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