Cheeki Loro, a must consider option for your playlists!

”SXE” and other great songs like ”Dollars Euros Yenis” sound as incredible as we could expect! Cheeki Loro’s music feels quite interesting to our ears and has traditionally entailed a game of electronic patterns and chords that are so well combined you can’t even realise of how complex and well crafted they are, concealing sounds behind layers of reverb and placing the passion and soul right up at the front of the mix while playing with his voice and multiple effects added to it, daring the listener to dig to get to the core of it all. He has made his audience used to a fun and unexpected production and he intends to keep going as his numbers keep raising with each release and he gets closer to them via Social Media as well as platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms.

By contrast with his past releases, “SXE”, offers a unique approach, fresh, vibrant and conceptual idea. The songs were fully conceived by himself and that, to us, shows a new dimension to his expertise, a soft, electronic and gentle sound, often fairly sparse, yet imbued with all the sweetness, complexity, and intensity of the emotions he aims to inject into the listener.

Suggesting unchanging rhythms with new sounds and styles that feel like an esoteric phenomena, Cheeki Loro furnishes the mind’s eye.

The artist, actually residing in Austria, and highly active on social media is easy approachable! Be sure to leave a follow on Spotify as well as his social media to show some support as he is hinting us new productions coming in the near future! In fact, he already has a new song out this December!

Want more? His YouTube is full of gems to loose yourself in his universe!


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