”Gangsta Love” a perfect statement by João Pina

With his second debut song; Pina edges perfection with meticulous craft and a well created sound that will skyrocket his career for the years ahead.

The Portuguese music industry should be celebrating the release of ”Gangsta Love” (Produced by Tayob J.) A unique and new R&B song that won’t be hidden under the affluence of content, Pina, describing a complicated relationship through the lyrics as well as the music video, aims to capture the listener and share his talent along the 4:17 minutes song.

This is a clear well organised, thought and planned work, few artists are capable of releasing a video that will keep you watching along the entire time, draining your attention into the story, feeling the pain of the relationship, the ups and downs it may carries and the way he conveys this message is through his voice.

Even though his career started recently, Pina continues to play with the genre, rolling it around in his hands and moulding it to fit his own strain inside the R&B genre.

For those who like us, love his work, he has an Instagram account where he connects in a deeper level with his fans.


Gangsta Love, a perfect statement towards the right direction.

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