Homicide Doll is back and ready!

Well well, what a massive surprise starting September with new music! In this case Homicide Doll has our hearts on the right place with this new hits! Believe us when we say, Homicide Doll is back and ready! You can listen to Goety right here below! Goety includes 3 songs released right now on Soundcloud.

We love how Homicide Doll keeps re-inventing his sound, bringing something different to the table and keeping music interesting, dynamic and full of surprises for the listener. Dark, gothic, punk, just throw anything at him, he will nail it and express his feelings to the deepest extent. But that is not taking a toll on him as he advances with big and strong steps with every song he releases.

He has the talent to make catchy sounds that connect to the things we barely speak about and leave us begging for more. In this case, he caught us off guard and we love it!

Apart from this, his story is extremely inspiring.

Homicide Doll has battled drug addiction, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and even attempts. His music exhibits his versatility and prowess and will surely cement his style as well as pave the way for the varied expressions of his musical ideas and artistic craft.

Want more? Then head to their Soundcloud and Spotify to listen to even more!




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