Travie Austin, full potential from head to toes

Travie is so far one of the most versatile artists we have encounter this year, he can sing, he can perform, he is an actor, a music producer… list goes on! The most important part? He is nailing each of the fields he is working at!

Focusing on his music, he recently released his 2 new singles feat Michael Kurowski and Neøn Bleu and we love them so much! Their song ”Monster” is an up-lifting and danceable hit full of rhythm and power, showing their range and how they can jam into any genre they feel without complications while ”Block Me” delivers a more moody and dramatic performance at the pace of a beautiful piano with guitar and incredibly well control vocals and intention that grows into a full arrangement worth to be in any playlists and chart out there! Where can you find artists doing both types of music and achieving such level of quality?

Going a bit deeper into his EP with Brad Kemp titled ”Come-Back”:

With songs like ”Don’t Assume” being recently at the top of his Spotify Top 10, ”Thanks” or ”Let Go” we can see that he has an unlimited fountain of inspiration and a real gift for songwriting, they are such a creation.

We should not even be impressed, there are multiple albums above his shoulders, building an incredible career and creating a great domain for his fandom to keep increasing.

We’re not recommending to listen to one song, we want you to dive in and check each album and single, starting from ”Dirt” and ”Glow” and ending at his recents tracks!

Be sure to show love and subscribe because he is worth more than any success we can help him achieve!

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