Unique, original and with soul!

That’s how we can describe Division III music! His sound is different than the music we are used to hear, and that is wonderful and refreshing!

From beats with drums to breakbeat mixed with rap, his catalogue is a massive pool of genres that touch Trance, Psy, Hip Hop, Ambient, electronic related styles… just go and listen to him right now!

But who is him?

D-III is originally from Chicago but now resides in the Dallas area. Growing up around, supporting, and even working with Industry Heavy Hitters like Dimebag, Vinny, Rex Brown, Phil Anselmo from Pantera, Chris “Haze” Gilbreath and WEB of Bone Circus, 311, Toadies, July Alley, and Course of Empire inspired more out of the box composing.
Arranging live performances at clubs such as TREES, Basement, Bomb Factory, Deep Ellum Live, J.Gilligan’s, Rock Bar, and, Galaxy Club was a way of life up to the point of practically living at Choice Recording/Rehearsal Studios.
D-III thrived in the Industrial, Punk, Electronica, Rap, Techno, House, Fusion, and even the Power Groove music scene during the Peak Meshing phase of music and developed a love for all “Deep-Ellum” Dallas Texas Area Artists…no matter the genre. Freshly back on the mix with New releases coming as fast as possible.>>Area Artists like Ms. Elaineous share creative lyrics and Vocals to add to the deep and broad ambiance Division III seeks for its audience.
The Ever so Awesome “Ms. Elaineous” a New up and Coming Artist from Dallas /Fort Worth Texas area who’s Lyrical/poetry has always been a great influence. Talented Crazy man “Capitol J” is also an Up and Coming Texas Artist currently working in the Houston area.
The truth will set you Free…but first it will piss you off!
D-III heritage is Multi-Mixed, German, British, Spaniard, French, Chinese, with a bit ah Trinidad and Tobago Rude Boy…Eh, EH?

He is also working on the video for his song ”E Y E 2” we’ll share it with you when is out!

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