Meet Buggie, a quite talented singer and rapper!

We decently discover a new type of artist, one that can control his voice and deliver emotions and in a sudden change start rapping full mode with style and the determination of the professionals! Is such a pleasure for us introducing you to Buggie’s music!

You can listen to his catalogue here while we let you know about him!

He is a 25 years old and he got that nickname from his family from when he was just a baby and it got stuck on him until now. Curious detail, his birthday is on Valentine’s day!
He is from Windsor in Canada and works in Detroit, MI as a Robotics Engineer. As he has always been very passionate about music, he is known as the guy that knows the words to every song in the hip-hop genre. 
He has been writing ever since he was a child, but just started releasing official songs from a studio a year ago. 

As usual we encourage you to check him out and follow on all platforms!

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