A new country artist raises!

You might now know Myles Giroux but you definitely should be listening to his new song ”Radio”! The song is a Country calm type of song accompanied by Myles gentle voice, nice rhythm and some vintage vibes!

Where can you listen to the song? Right here!

But who is Myles Giroux?

He is from St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. And has been writing songs for 2 years, he started singing 8 months ago. He has wrote, mixed and produced his first single on his bedroom with a laptop and a $30 microphone! For him, Country music is more than just music, it’s a feeling! It’s love, it’s happiness, it’s pain, it’s heartache! Everyone has country music in their heart some people are just afraid to admit it!

His own words:

My whole life I feel like I was out of place,like there is something bigger I needed to be doing. I took a shot at writing a demo for a country star thinking why not? You only live once might as well do something out of your comfort zone. That song ended up being accepted and sent down to Nashville. From there my good friend Frank Pepper told me not to sell the song and go for it myself! His advice has led me where I am now and I couldn’t be happier! I love writing and playing music for the fans! The music has made me stronger, happier and more confident in my abilities in everyday life.

This is so inspiring right?

You can follow Myles on social media while listening to his song!



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