DNDMC VS Burden on ”White Privilege”

We are living in times where ignorance and loneliness are a bigger pandemic than Covid-19, sad times where we can get two sides of a coin with complete different values. On one side, we have a brave, great courageous song titled ”White Privilege” by DNDMC, a white rapper that is tired of America and how they’re behaving towards the multicultural races living there. On the other side, we have another song titled ”White Privilege” by a clear Trump Voter. With elections this close, we thought… why not? Let’s compare them both!

Let’s be fully honest, it’s all over the place, it’s everywhere, it has been for hundreds of years and is called Racism and the fact there was a whole movement against it and history proving over and over and over again apparently is not enough for some people, their lack of respect, empathy and probably their need for views and approval leads them to create songs like…well… what Burden did.

To ease your mind, let’s share the great work from DNDMC, a full denounce to society and how they give weapons to those who definitely are not qualified to carry one.

Talent meets Respect and he definitely has ours!

What do you think of both songs? Which one would you support? We have a clear winner and that’s DNDMC!

We have to also give our approval for his second studio song titled ”Fear” that comes with an incredible music video with Jplus in it and denounces the massive society and political issues they’re living.

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