Ottaz: Artist of the month

A gem in the center of Europe

The German artist Ottaz has prepared incredible material for his audience and we’re thrilled to introduce him to you and show you his beginnings before he blows up!

Let’s talk about ”Void Freestyle”, a song that uses intrinsic combinations of sounds in a perfect combination that accompanies any mood set by the listener. It feels like having fun and letting yourself fly with his rapping style.

We love the composing, the way new sounds blend in creating a ”out of this world” experience and still, impressing us on how his catalogue keeps developing while being unique, different from each song without jumping between genres.

Apart from this, when it comes to Ottaz, we expect incredible results, sounds, innovative ideas and his past release titled ”Bright” just got a Lyric Video on Youtube for all of those who are fans of electronic patterns, psychedelic sounds and great catchy voice lines!

To continue with, we love the uniqueness of his series of videos titled ”Mind Space”. They are just beautiful, showing a bit of his sound in the background and making us reflect (in German voice off) about his mindset, thoughts and experiences.

An artist that invites the listener to wander their thoughts, explore his universe and loose in catchy dreamy loops that are perfectly connected.

We hope you love Ottaz as much as we do! Be sure to show your support by following and subscribing on all his channels!

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