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What is a Logo?

Simple, that icon that represents your Brand, that golden M from McDonalds, that bitten Apple in grey, that tiny icon that you see in each of the apps inside your phone. Logos are part of our daily life, they are everywhere and they are pilar of your brand.

They are kind of like a mandatory thing and as your name itself can be a brand, adding some beautiful lines and font, it could be used as a Logo, but it’s quite important to know a bit more about it, as sooner or later you will need one and it’s an important Marketing Concept.

First let’s learn about Colour Psychology in Logos.

As Lester Corey explained perfectly in this articlethe colour of a Logo is quite an important decision as it says so much about your business, there is a psychological reason for it. Red, orange and yellow colours can make you feel happy, fun, watchable and connected, blue can give the feeling of secure and trustworthy, purple gives a more informative approach, green is more eco-friendly and healthy, grey and black look more elegant, professional, reliable. This is just a resume on how the colours affect our brains when we watch a Logo. We recommend you to check on the article referred above to choose the perfect colour for your Logo.

Now, knowing how important it is… how to design one?

There are multiple things to consider, check the infographic for a clearer idea:

Logo Design Industry is massive, and the amount of money it moves would shock you, we recommend you to try to find a friend or try to at least design the idea yourself, we might be able to help you out if it’s something simple, but as an exercise towards your future, we are going to introduce you to one of the Gig’s online markets,

On Fiverr you can pay professional and amateur people with tons of completed orders for almost everything, but specially Logos! You can also offer your own services there and make some extra money. As bigger your score when you deliver the service, bigger seller level and more impressions your gigs will have inside their market. Some people earn more than 20.000 US$ per year just by working on Fiverr. (Remember they take a small commission from sellers and buyers)

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Don’t doubt to show us your design idea, this is a crucial step inside this week’s content.

Instagram it’s also an amazing place for Logo Ideas, we recommend you checking on @Logotix, @Logo_showcase or @LogoInspirations.

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Extra Resources

If you want to know some common mistakes in Logo Design, you can check this resource with The 30 Worst Logos