Finding your Uniqueness

This part might take a bit longer than you expect, finding what makes you unique is a ”roll the dice” game, only difference is that every time you roll the dice, you unlock a new number. Let me explain this metaphor.

Finding who you are is something than only you can find, people can help you, guide you, teach you or influence you, but at the end of the day your brain Is only yours, you need to fail and learn from failures to find out what made you and what will make your business/career unique and perfect for the market.

At this point we have probably already have a video-call with you, if not, schedule it with us as soon as possible before the end of this Module’s week. We did/will have something called ”Core Identity Session”

This is a beautiful experience for both of us as we will look deeply into your story and find the real purpose of why you want to pursue your career or business and what is that you can use to get people to be fully loyal towards your cause.

This exercise will:

  • Teach you a lot about yourself 
  • Help you to tell an emotive story about yourself online / onstage 
  • Be the fuel for incredibly engaging social posts
  • Make it easy for you to write a truly captivating professional bio
  • Solve the “I don’t know what to write about” problem

We are going to let you the questions from our Core Identity session, think about the answers but wait until we talk to fully develop them:

  1. What’s your name? Do you like it? Why?
  2. List (and elaborate on) the five most impressive things you have ever done.
  3. Write about when you were at your lowest point(s) (big detail)
  4. What’s something major you’ve struggled with and overcame? (big detail)
  5. What did your family teach you which was useful when starting your career? What did they teach you NOT to do? 
  6. What did your school life teach you which was useful when starting your career? What did they teach you NOT to do? 
  7. What did your non-related work background teach you which was useful when starting your career? What did they teach you NOT to do? 
  8. What breaks your heart? 
  9. What do you HATE about your aimed industry? 
  10. Name three stories from your life that you could use to inspire people with
  11. Why did you decide to make your passion a career and not just a hobby?
  12. What makes you great at what you do?
  13. What are the 5 most helpful things you could teach someone about your way of life? 
  14. What could your audience know about your personal life which would be of interest to them?
  15. How do you want people to perceive your brand?
  16. Do your current social media profiles reflect that? If not, why not? What could you do to change that?
  17. What is the ONE THING you want your audience to feel or know when they think about your brand?
  18. Which five words would you want to describe you/your brand?
  19. Why should your followers care about you?
  20. State how you intend to show you care about your followers, e.g. showing up every day, being helpful, replying to all their comments, etc) 
  21. What are you not doing right now that you should be doing, which would be great for your followers?
  22. What do your followers think about money, religion and politics?
  23. What are some “big” things that have happened over the last year that might have affected your followers’ lives?
  24. Who or what do your audience love?
  25. Write the 5 most important Values in life for you and then organise them from the most to the less important.

In case you want to explore way more this matter, please watch this TED Talk that will help you with ”Designing a purposeful personal brand from zero to infinity