Julian. setting the bar high

Incredible new release by the young and talented Julian.

He is an inspiring and extremely hardworking artist in the heart of Asia. The Hong Kong/Taiwanese singer, songwriter and photographer has set this year to be the highlight of his career and he is on the right path to achieve it.

This new song titled ‘What You Gotta Say’ is making a new mood and elevating his catalogue to a new level. Helped by the sound production of ‘LCDWVES (lucidwaves)’, the track is filled with emotional richness and ethereal tones, inspired by their love for classical genres, 2000s rock bands, and modern hip hop.

“What you gotta say” is a romantic, energetic song that describes one of Julian’s first relationships and their first time really feeling the connection – but at the same time feeling the emotions of anxiousness, confusion, and fear with the direction of where the relationship is going. During the production, Julian particularly felt the energy and passion that rock bands in the 2000s had, and with LCDWVES julian. decided to mash the organic sounds of the guitar with the sounds of today, adding 808s and synths to heighten the emotions and tension. 

If this doesn’t brighten your day, what else will?

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