”Runaway 2020” is here!

Keith Bravo just released a new song and we have the exclusive for it!

Why not listening to the song while you read about him?

Keith Bravo’s highly anticipated new pop based single Runaway 2020 was produced by Sony affiliated music producer Jay Urban and is being released on June 25th on all platforms. Jay has produced records for the likes of Macklemore, Jason Derulo, Rich the Kid and more.

Runaway 2020 was recorded at the Brewery studio in Brooklyn, New York and Engineered by owner/lead Andrew Krivonos.

Although songwriting and recording professionally for over 10 years, this is Keith Bravo’s first international release and first song to be made available on all streaming platforms.  

Keith Bravo has won multiple song competitions in New York and throughout the United States, Which has landed him opening act gigs for major signed artists from both Warner and Spinnin Records. Keith is now looking to carry the momentum further with the release of new music during the coming months of 2020 and into 2021!

Keith’s SoundCloud page with past releases is below, and as mentioned, any new releases will be available on all streaming platforms moving forward. Keith is looking forward to meeting and engaging with new people as the journey continues!









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