‘Stephen Colbert for President’ song and video released by Holy Smoke.

In the spirit of rock n roll rebellion, New England rockers Holy Smoke are pining for simpler days when Stephen Colbert introduced “truthiness” to the world on ​The Colbert Report​. As a comedian, Colbert famously used his concept of truthiness to shred fake news and deconstruct conspiracy theories.

In their mission to help “Make America Rock Again”, Holy Smoke’s riff-rock-metal protest anthem is best described as Mick Jagger fronting 70’s Aerosmith with Jeff Beck playing lead guitar. With that combination and clever songwriting, major league production, and mastering by Grammy legend Adam Ayan, it could actually work.

With ‘fake news’, attacks on the media, and disinformation campaigns practically dominating social media and major news network reporting, Holy Smoke are voting for Stephen Colbert’s voice of reason to demystify the madness and mistruths of our modern media-driven world.

With lyrics like:
I got my news from comedians / SNL, Stewart, and Letterman
Late night school for malcontents / I’m voting Stephen Colbert for President

Prime time loser / Trust fund abuser / Pussy-grabbin’ schmoozer / Handed the keys Porn-star romancer / Lyin’ tap dancer / Virus and cancer / Sing it if you please

Holy Smoke makes a strong case for their fist-in-the-air-sing-along choruses of “Stephen Colbert for President! I’m voting Stephen Colbert for President!!”

The early votes that are in for “Stephen Colbert for President” make it apparent that Holy Smoke are on a campaign to Make America Rock Again. No matter your politics, please vote and join Holy Smoke in getting #MARA trending!

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