Meet Mesén Around

Brandon Mesén, artistically called ”Mesén Around” is here to stay and he has a new album coming out soon!

We just meet him and we already love his music career and his personality. But who is he? Let us introduce him properly:

Mesén Around has played over 500 live shows during his career and he has visited over 100 radio stations to promote his past releases, between all, his album called ”Summer Of Love”.  Recently he was on Juka Radio in Germany with over 70,000 people listening to him!

We asked him a bit about his background:

Ever since he was little he would always go to his parents room, look to himself in the mirror and visioned playing in front of thousands of wonderful fans and friends. His vision and the music in his blood has kept him sane through his life. Starting music barefoot in the streets of West Chester Pennsylvania he is making his way up to the big league with East Coast tours and 1 West Coast tour. Brandon has been teasing his upcoming album ”Feels Good to Be a Weird Kid” for a year now and it’s finally time for him to release it this summer. Brandon plans to keep working hard and tour all around Europe bringing a message of peace, love and music. He also has a plan to drop a book this summer for all the weird kids out there. Hopefully we’ll have more updates from him coming soon. 

We want you to experience his sound, what better way than listening to him right now?

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