Pitching via Submit Hub

When you release a song on Spotify it’s true that getting picked into a big playlist can mean a big difference in streams counting and new listeners coming. But don’t get this wrong as there is lots of bots and useless playlists out there.

You need to take some proper steps towards knowing where to pitch your music, ideally, we would like our song everywhere but if you put my song at the end of a 800 songs playlist… there is no point in you pitching my song.

Here is where submit hub comes in, they found a honest way to read stats from the curators towards Spotify Playlist and Youtube Music Channels.

This is done via consideration and daily you get 2 free submissions to make, at least every 4-6 hours. (This might change)

You might know them already, for those who don’t, here is their website. https://www.submithub.com

How to pitch your song

When you sign in their place you will get to your personal menu where you can see how many ”credits” you have. 2 Standard Credits are given every some hours while premium credits must be paid.

Curators will request different amounts of credits to put your song into consideration, premium credits will get you at the top of the list and your song must be listened for 30 seconds before making a decision. If a curator can’t choose your song with premium credits because of other reasons, this are refunded to you. (Sometimes they won’t refund if curator has fully listen and considered)

Their list of curators can change but is quite extensive, be sure to filter to only the genre you care about. Curators will give you their descriptions towards what they choose so you can know if sending to them is a good idea or a waste of credits. Who would be a perfect curator for you?

It’s really important to follow the stats SubmitHub gives in each profile, sometimes curators just share everything, making your song one more, sometimes their approval rate is none or quite low. Sometimes their fandom doesn’t react to anything…

When something is strange, they will add a warning sign, click on it to know why.

Once you have choose your curators be ready to start writing some consideration sentences. If you want to just be heard for sure and fully trust is your perfect playlist or channel then go with some premium credits, Submithub ”forces” curators to give an explanation if they don’t choose your song when using Premium credits.

Some artists check daily and use the daily Standard credits and they got into plenty of places! Never say never to free stuff!

Keep your profile up to date

Some curators only choose music from people with awesome profiles or big amount of followers, it’s really important that your profile inside Submit Hub reflects the best from you. Think that they’re putting their name into your music so it’s understandable if they try to keep the best appearance for their channels.

Don’t discourage yourself by getting No from multiple people, No is just a doorway to Yes!


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