Beyond Oniric Experiences, this is “Hello” by Big Bus Dream

Big Bus Dream’s “Hello”: A Melodic Journey Through the Oniric World

Prepare to embark on a musical journey like no other as acclaimed indie alternative rock artist Big Bus Dream released his latest single, “Hello,” on February 9th, 2024. With its serene and melodic tones, “Hello” offers listeners a familiar yet captivating sound that is both comforting and beautiful, like a Coldplay Anthem mixed with the soul of Rock.

Drawing inspiration from actual dreams, Big Bus Dream’s musical venture transports listeners through a mesmerizing landscape of hypnotic melodies and inspirational lyrics. Each note is carefully formulated to evoke a sense of wonder and introspection, inviting listeners to immerse themselves fully in the dreamlike world of his music.

The release of “Hello” marks the culmination of an 8-month-long recording journey that began in late 2022. During this time, Big Bus Dream poured his heart and soul into the creation of an impressive collection of 25 unique songs, with “Hello” serving as the second half of this dream-inspired collection. The first half, “C’mon Dream,” was released in 2023 to critical acclaim, with The Daily Spin hailing it as “a stroke of dreamy genius.”

As listeners eagerly anticipate the release of the full album, also titled “Hello,” on February 23rd, 2024, they can expect to be taken on a musical odyssey filled with emotion, nostalgia, and a touch of magic, completing the missing parts for those who like us, loved his previous album. Big Bus Dream’s ability to weave together elements of indie, alternative rock, and dreamy melodies creates a feeling that is enchanting and unforgettable.

So, say “Hello” to a musical experience that transcends the ordinary and invites you to explore the depths of your imagination and the oniric world of an artist with peak creativity. With Big Bus Dream at the helm, the journey promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

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