Ottaz is evolving and adopting a second artist name, DJ Otti

And his first song sounds incredible already!

Music that elevates the soul is always welcomed and Ottaz keeps reinventing himself over and over, in this case under his techno music brand name DJ Otti.

It moves beyond just creating, it is about bringing value to people, evolving, exploring and finding new ways to reach new sounds, trends and offer always a better sound and a fully immersive experience.

“The Flight”, his first song released as DJ Otti offers just that, a nice and chill techno vibe composed to help you work, concentrate, get in the flow state and loop over and over while your mind wanders the most hidden areas of Ottaz’s production skills.

The artist is big in his genre and his expertise in mixing and mastering is now available for hire since he opened his new Recording Studio “High Space Records”, a place where people can get their music created, composed, recorded, mixed and mastered into a professional final product similar to the quality his music has always offer.

On top of that, DJ Otti (Ottaz) is easy to reach, both via Instagram or the contact formulary inside his website.

You can find more about his studio on his new website:

Have any questions? Don’t doubt to contact our team at

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