Klangareal and Yvonne Heyde Nailed It Again!

“Queen of Everything” will leave a mark in their catalogue!

Rating: ★★★★ (4.5/5)

Absolutely flawless mixing, incredible risks and a wonderful outcome! That’s how we can describe this new hit song by Klangareal.

In the realm of music, where genres serve to guide us through familiar landscapes we like and adore, Nils Damann, AKA Klangareal, presents us with something refreshingly different—a fresh Rock&Roll hit accompanied by the lyrics, melody and voice of German vocalist Yvonne Heyde.

Their past collaboration titled “Life is a Song” served as a narrative for us, a musical journey that dug into the artist’s profound project, mixing the talent of multiple musicians and bringing something unique into existence.

The title itself, “Queen of Everything,” hints at the song’s thematic core—a scream not to care and take things whenever and however you want them! Such a powerful message, now delivered in the best rebellious tone.

The song is a blend of intricate harmonies, captivating melodies, and thought-provoking poetry written into melodies, fully constructed with the great guitar and bass performed by Klangareal. It becomes apparent that each verse is meticulously crafted, not merely for auditory pleasure but to convey a more profound message. The artist’s commitment to promoting a greater understanding of music is evident in the carefully selected musical arrangements.

This project, leading to so many great songs available within his catalogue, Is a musical endeavour to bridge the gap of collaboration between musicians. The thematic weight of the song doesn’t overshadow its musicality. The level of creative prowess in the composition, with elements of Harmony, background vocals, uneven melodies, and great mix and songwriting seamlessly woven into a distinctive song.

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