Celebrating 1 Month on Week 5!

Hello and welcome to one more Week!! You are almost half way to the mid of this course and my team and me really hope some great things are coming out of this!

This week we are going to be working further on some of the things we learned, expand the horizons around it and talk about Royalties, Promos, PR and Labels. are you ready?

Time to check Facebook Results

Is time to watch the seeds from week 2 growing! Let’s head to your analytics of the ad you created to increase your fandom.

Go into your Facebook page and click on ads, it should appear at the top left of your page, you can as well go to ad centre or get their app Ads Manager.

Find your ad related to page likes and click on Get Results. You should get a window looking like this:

This part is when we are going to start saving money, targeting better and starting to create ads towards places where you might perform live, have certain interests etc…

My recommendation is that you keep your page likes into our ”humble” countries running for at least 14 days a month, this is not expensive and it will increase your numbers. Remember people follow the masses, if celebrities have half their fandom with fake bots, we’re are going to have something even better, a real fandom with people from countries that we might not visit, but will love all we do.

Check on your ad’s results, I can recommend you some more countries to target your music. Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh… are as cheap as Nepal and India, but then you need to add into interest or languages ”English” or the language you prefer, that will only target people who listens to music in English.

Let’s analyse a bit the age groups.

My add was mostly targeted to men and a younger age group, this is not bad as young people are really the ones going nuts over music this days, but why am I getting more men? In this case, because of their culture and population numbers more men are allowed or connected to technology. Depending on the country you choose, you will see differences in this. In Western countries we won’t have this issue but remember, we’re here to build numbers!

#SideNote: As the internet is such a scary, unfair and sometimes wrong place…. One of our female students was getting really ”inappropriate” comments and reactions from South Asian men on her page due to the campaign, if this happens, please let us know, it’s important to change the target to a younger age and describe the interest in a more narrowed way, hopefully avoiding this people. If needed, go only for women following you for a bit so Facebook Algorithm will learn and understand your target. There is always a person or 2 online ready to ruin or days, but if it’s too many of them, the programatic bidding messed up and is better to change some settings.

Facebook and Google create a profile online and they know what we will like before we even search for it, this is why sometimes their filter will focus more on results and numbers.

As for locations, the places you see the less activity you can cross them off the list of locations.

Keep an eye on analytics to improve the add until 10k!

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