Week 6 is all about Connecting with fans

Remember we talked about connection in week 1? Well this is the perfect time to start working on it. Your fans are people like you, people that go to work daily, have problems, their own existential thoughts and millions of things to think everyday. On top of that, they have phones, that means that they are being constantly bombarded with information, new content, pictures, songs…. is just an online battlefield for attention.

Now this is actually a really good thing for you towards connecting, all this people are humans, not fans (at least not yet)

This is something all artists keep forgetting day by day, they post saying I want fans, they pay for fake streams looking for them. That’s not how you really connect to anybody. The only thing you need to do is just talk to them, 1 by 1, is time consuming but it will give you so many connections opportunities and real love.

Let’s study this process:

  1. Say thanks for following and ask about their day. Almost nobody asks people how they’re doing, listen to them and they will for sure appreciate you more than before!
  2. Let them talk about their hobbies, ask about them, their families. You need to build a relationship at least once!
  3. Once they ask you about it, then you can share a bit about your music, remember make it about them: ”I wrote this song because I wanted people to feel this way”… hope you like it… (Be humble!)

My best example for how long lasting fans are made will always be Taylor Swift case, here you have more info on that!

Welcome to Week 6!

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