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Whether if you are an Individual or a Business, The Algorithm Agency specialises in Digital Marketing, Strategy, Consulting, Growth Hacking and Music Marketing as well as anything related with Social Media. You can find all our services at Galeorithm Agency.

From Marketing Consulting, Long-term strategy and Online Education to Web Content Creation, Article writing, Graphic Design, Social Media posting or anything related to connecting our clients with the best tools and Industry professionals.

B2B Services

We found a huge demand for proper marketing towards Business, with them having to hire a whole team of people in order to get basic requirements that are necessary for companies nowadays.

After auditing multiple Marketing Agencies working for our clients and noticing how they were barely getting results, we decided to cover all those needs without having to hire more team members, offering packages that can reach bigger results with the confidence of having a person from our team guiding the whole Department along with the strategy.

We know as well that one strategy might not work as intended, this is why having a professional caring about your company and optimizing daily each step will always be the best way to use your budget.

Our B2B services include:

  • Consulting / Coaching / Team Leading
  • Adaptive and Disruptive Marketing Strategies
  • Graphic Design / Illustration / Video-Editing / Brand Image Design
  • Market Analysis / A-B Testing / Auditing / Opportunities Research
  • Article Writing / Blogging / Articles for web
  • Social Media Posting / RRSS Development / Brand Establishment
  • Growth Hacking / Lead Algorithms /
  • Twitter Ads / Google Ads / Facebook Ads / Others
  • Marketing Team Recruiting / Training for Employees
  • SEO & SEM / Review Enhancement
  • Ads Weekly Optimization / Monthly Report / Analytics

Why does our model work?

Sometimes the business we work with are unconventional and we love a challenge, we become a part of your business, our connections are yours to use, our experience is yours to use. As Digital Marketing is widening and bigger bets are placed on ads, we observe daily how businesses don’t grow no matter their investment.

Thanks to creating unique strategies that adapt to each situation with our vast array of tools and expertise we are able to find new ways to disrupt the market and make each business stand out from the competition, supplying your company with a Head of Marketing.

Who would join your team?

While multiple team members work towards our Artist Promotions, our Director Fer Rivero takes full care of each company. You can explore his information here:

Fer Rivero: Marketing Biography

Fer’s Wikipedia

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Artist Services

We have two different branches, our Online Education and our Social Media Promotion Services.

What do we do? Simple, we give you months full of personal training with weekly 1 on 1 video-calls, marketing strategies, tons of expensive and valuable knowledge and all focused towards the goal you want to achieve. It’s like a personalised mastermind!

By having 1 on 1 sessions, we can concentrate on your exact case, we’ll be there giving you the goals to achieve, how to do it and organising your whole project from beginning to the end by developing the perfect strategy and making sure you complete each of the requirements, the core idea is simple, we want you to be independent in the future.

We will train you to find those opportunities and clients you are looking for! We also introduce you to other students, that way you can share and increase your knowledge and learning with them.

A full Mastermind just for you!

Access Course Base Mind Map here

Common questions:

Who should access this course?

People with ambition, with courage to purchase their dream and ready to learn how Business and Marketing really is, you will learn from Branding to Social Media Ads strategies, from how to get customers to testing results and the most important, your homework to practice all this, is your own business!

How Valuable is this course?

Quite valuable, our director has invested over 8000 US$ on marketing courses, worked with multiple companies and learned all the knowledge we give you for over 10 years. Having the chance to have a mentor going with you through all steps is an unique case, we won’t let you alone during the course, you will have to study, check with us, pass the exams and to help you even more, we have a Certified Page so you can prove your experience for future references, jobs and other courses.

Is this Certification registered?

As we want to keep the course low price to help as maximum people as possible, our certification is just a public verification about you completing with over 50% score. This can help you not just with your curriculum towards other companies, but also with your decision making, business design, your brand image, SEO, and if you follow all our steps, you can even start making lot of money before course ends.


Have any questions? Don’t doubt to contact our team at https://galeorithmagency.webflow.io

Need some Marketing? Reach out to Fer at https://ferrivero.art

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