“Life is a song” a project that brings out the best feelings

A beautiful concept and project that combines the creative process of multiple musicians. Klangareal is the mind behind 3 wonderful songs created following this dynamic process.

One artist starts creating with their first idea (a vocal, guitar riff…), then, another musician will join and fill another piece of the song, making each individual project unique and ultimately being recorded, mixed and mastered by Klangareal in the studio.

The result? Music that elevates the soul and that is always welcomed as it pushes them to keep reinventing themselves over and over. “Life is a song” is the perfect example, a great introduction that feels powerful and invites the vocalist Yvonne Heyde into the song. Her warm tones guide the listener along the lyrics, she touches each word with confidence and delicacy, elevating the song to a higher place.

As you listen to it, you can recognise each of the musicians by checking the credits below:

-Vocals & Lyrics: Yvonne Heyde 
-Drums: Pierre Grützmacher (track4u
-Bass: Timm Jakowatz 
-E-Gitarren, Solo-Gitarre: Nils Damann 

Recording und Mixing: Nils Damann 

It moves beyond just creating, it is about bringing value to people, evolving, exploring and finding new ways to reach new sounds and offer always a better sound and a fully immersive experience.

“Life is a song”, offers just that, a blend of fierce and reflexive Indie vibes to get in the flow state and loop over and over while your mind wanders the most hidden areas of Ottaz’s production skills.

The artist is becoming bigger in this genre and his musical expertise putting each element together during the mix and master shows it.

Be sure to explore the rest of his catalogue while showing support for a refreshing project that brings a unique approach to music these days.

Klangareal’s website

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