Trying to impress your clients with your website? Then hire ThoraMedia

From zero to infinity, that’s how Thora’s websites could be described. 

The fast-growing German company keeps delivering incredible websites in a matter of days (for the simple ones) or a couple of weeks (for the most complex ones)

The results? Just stunning and highly responsible websites which can include all the possibilities the client’s imagination can think of. Apart from that, all websites adapt perfectly to the Phone and Ipad format and their designers take care of all the Design, front end, back end, coding etc…

Some of the Websites designed by them:

Galeorithm Agency

This Music marketing Agency focused mainly on Artists offers an incredible design and even a CMS system with a shop in it! ThoraMedia did a perfect job there.

Thora Media

Another great example of a minimalistic website that converts people and works as a Funnel. Their official website is extremely informative and includes a blog filled with knowledge for new and existing customers.


Need your website to be an E-commerce place? They got you on this too! One great example is Racetex, a company selling soccer equipment. The design includes pop-up banners and multiple media.


A Solar Startup website including a presentation video (also produced by them). The website is clean, minimalistic and extremely fast to load even though it contains a video.

Need a website and want the best team behind it? Be sure to contact them for that!

Have any questions? Don’t doubt to contact our team at

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