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We would like to award each of them, encourage them to keep going and know that we’re watching each step they give. This is why we choose from over 500 artists and will split the nominated ones into 5 categories based on the awards selected for this year.

Best Music Video Award

For those who went ahead and beyond in their creativity, working extremely hard on their video material and delivering an exceptional result.

Congratulations to our winner Diamond Tucker and his music Video for Chains!

This year Nominees are:

Ottaz – Sadness

Diamond Tucker – Chains

Amiena – Great Scape

Dre – Loose Control

Ruby Black – Lady Death

El Casino – If you know you know

Cielo Ambar – Viva feat Dalí

Best Composition Award

Focused on finding the artist who perfected their craft, worked on the details, made sure each tone was in the right place throughout their entire year.

Myyora – One Song

Magnus Mason – 4th Street

Nana Araj – Thisty

Camero – Nightmare

julian. – Blind feat LCDWVES

Kelsea – My light

Blue Night Sky – Will

Best Performance Award

Focused on finding those artists who fully delivered their all in their recordings as well as music videos, we want to find those who give us chills!

Best Trajectory Award

Focused on pushing the next generation forward, aiming to find those whose work ethics, mindset and constant work are setting the right foundations for a great career in the industry.

Uniqueness Award

We want each of you to keep inspiring lives with your music and your personality, this is why, for those of you who shine on being different from the rest, here is your Award!

When does it begin?

Starting December 25th we’ll start announcing the awards one by one, releasing on all our socials multiple Posts, Videos and Articles while tagging each of the nominated artists and promoting them to new audiences! The Awards will be finished by New Year’s Eve.

Participation in the awards has been selected beforehand by our team of music industry experts based on multiple criteria (music production level, worldwide music availability, audiences reaction to their music…) and of course, all of these artists worked with our Agency at least one time this year.

All the artists participating must be INDIE artists, with no labels behind them as the awards aim to help the Indie community above all.

What do the winners get?

A panel of multiple music reviewers will be deciding who gets the final prize, hoping this award will be one out of many awards each artist will earn during their careers.

We want to make clear, winners are not decided for being the best, each nomination proves how far the artist’s journey has been and that’s why nominees will receive free promo and recognition as well.

The winners will earn a prize valorated in over 1500$ that will help enhance their careers!

Nominees will earn a 10% discount towards their next service with us as well as multiple tools and resources to help them stay at the top of their game!


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